Iowa Energy Center

Iowa Energy Center
2521 University Blvd., Suite 124
Ames, IA 50010


The Iowa Energy Center seeks to advance Iowa’s energy efficiency and renewable energy use through research, education and demonstration.

Involvement with Green & Main

The Iowa Energy Center’s research role is in educating Iowans and those across the Midwest about the possibility for small and medium-sized buildings to serve as models for green building and best management practices. The Energy Center is supporting the data collection of the building’s performance pre-retrofit and post-retrofit, which will provide consistent building information to people looking into similar projects.

The Iowa Energy Center invests its resources to create a stable energy future for the state of Iowa. Through consistency of vision and the dissemination of research-based and balanced energy information, the Energy Center continues to support Iowa communities, businesses and individuals. The people and projects in which the Iowa Energy Center invests are making a difference in the state’s present and future. The Energy Center supports projects that help Iowans understand how to make homes more comfortable and affordable to own.