City of Des Moines

Mayor T.M. Franklin Cownie
400 Robert D. Ray Drive
Des Moines, IA 50309


The City of Des Moines has pledged to be a leader in setting policies and practicing service delivery innovations that promote environmental sustainability. This organizational goal is to be achieved by promoting and demonstrating the best possible practices and working with the community to support adaptive reuse of buildings, energy efficiency and green design for the management of water, waste, resources and land. The Green & Main project demonstrates all of these components and provides a model for others to follow.

Involvement with Green & Main

The City of Des Moines has provided a $15,000 facade restoration grant, a $185,000 economic development loan and a $220,000 bridge loan for historic tax credits anticipated to be used on the project. The City of Des Moines has also provided letters of support for the project to other funding sources.

The City of Des Moines recognizes the unique opportunities that exist in our community to educate, facilitate, and guide residents.