Future of the Building

Historic Sherman Hill mixed-use renovation:
A Green & Main Best Practices Project

Illustration of Green & Main Pilot Project

Architectural illustration of Green & Main Pilot Project

Once completed the historic renovation of the building at 800 19th Street in Des Moines will be returned to full use, once again as a mixed-use building to accommodate services, education, community meeting and living space. The first tenant will be a women’s wellness and birth center located on the main floor. Residential living space will be located on upper floors.

The new building will also house space for ongoing education about green historic rehabilitation and the development of sustainable communities.

View of renovated Green & Main Pilot Project from the southwest

Architectural rendering showing the southwest view of the Green & Main Pilot Project

Northeast view of the Green & Main Pilot Project

Northeast view of the building

The completed Pilot Project is just the first step in bringing the Green & Main vision to fruition. This building is one piece of the larger Green & Main “mosaic” that will ultimately result in a self-sustaining community, blending living and work spaces and offering opportunities for individual involvement in the expansion of the Green & Main concept.

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