Read what others are saying about the importance of Green & Main.

We are very grateful for the support and enthusiasm that Green & Main has received. Below are a few comments we have received that we would like to share with you.

Doran Ryan

This project exemplifies the best of what the Power Fund stands for: reducing energy dependence and maximizing energy efficiency while creating a dramatic new model for urban redevelopment that involves the entire site as well as a broad-based communication and education component.

˜ Doran Ryan

President, Iowa Heartland Resource Conservation and Development

Marian Riggs Gelb

We believe the completion of the first LEED Platinum building renovation in Iowa will encourage other building professionals to adopt these methods. We are also encouraged by the project’s focus on water conservation and storm water management.

˜ Marian Riggs Gelb

Executive Director, Iowa Environmental Council

Tracy S. Lemar on Downtown Renovations

The ability to renovate downtown buildings and bring them in line with current energy usage would greatly increase the ability to bring these buildings back into full use while retaining the overall character of the community.

˜ Tracy S. Lemar

Vice President, Barker | Lemar Engineering Consultants

Tracy S. Lemar on Innovative Design & Materials

The innovative design of using tire chips to enhance the performance of the geothermal system is something that can be expanded for use at many sites across Iowa. This serves as a two-fold benefit of reducing the usage of precious natural resources (sand) and providing an additional market for recycled tires.

˜ Tracy S. Lemar

Vice President, Barker | Lemar Engineering Consultants

Pat Boddy

We see this program as providing exceptional education opportunities for the public – both through demonstration and ongoing opportunities for programs. Green & Main’s focus on renovation of existing buildings affords the public an opportunity to easily see how they can apply ‘green’ retrofit in their own homes and businesses.

˜ Pat Boddy

Polk County Conservation Director


Tom Hadden

I have the pleasure of writing in support of the Green & Main project which is integrating efficiencies into an historic mixed-use masonry building as a case study for applied best practices. I am personally excited about this project coming together to allow businesses, individuals, governmental agencies, etc. to see a holistic approach to redevelopment in an existing neighborhood.

˜ Tom Hadden

Executive Director, Metro Waste Authority

Roya Stanley

The Board seeks a balance in renewable energy and energy efficiency that will accelerate Iowa’s leadership in these areas. These projects could help to make wind energy generation more accessible on a small scale, teach energy efficiency best practices, and expand the use of biodiesel in the trucking industry.

˜ Roya Stanley,

Director of the Office of Energy Independence