Join ‘The Tomorrow Plan’ this Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Join The Tomorrow Plan this coming Tuesday, November 22nd, for a strategic conversation in planning a sustainable future for Greater Des Moines. The Natural Living Community has been asked to help shape the future of Greater Des Moines. Let your voice be heard at a public conversation for The Tomorrow Plan, a 20-month process to craft a strategy for a vibrant and enduring future in the Greater Des Moines area. Your opinion will be influential in shaping the planning of our community for our generation and those that follow.

Renovation Weekend: Surprises at the Job Site!

Are you interested in developing, designing or rehabilitating older buildings? Have you ever wanted to be an observer inside a construction project? Do you just enjoy a good story and making new friends? Well, clear your calendars because there are exciting renovation events happening this weekend in Sherman Hill.

Green Building Forum this Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where do heritage and sustainability meet? Restoring historic buildings!

Are you interested in developing, designing or rehabilitating older buildings? Join us to hear a panel of experts discussing green historic renovation as they come together to share the inter-connectivity between historic preservation and green building.

Green Teas at Green & Main this Friday, September 23, 2011

On-Site Networking Event with Leaders in Green Renovation and Design

Join us for an early evening gathering to meet and engage in meaningful conversations about sustainable historic renovation, using the Green & Main Pilot Project as the backdrop for discussion.

Des Moines, We Sustainably Knew Ye: Main Streets Conference Comes to Iowa

Des Moines was privileged to host The National Main Streets Conference last week where 1,300 people convened over a four-day period. Events around Des Moines ranged from tours to evening outings. Green & Main was part of the on-site tours for historical and re-purposed buildings. Read how the Main Street Four Point Approach has benefited 45 Iowa communities.

Sustainable Design: G&M’s First Workshop

What do we mean by Green Design or Sustainable Design? It includes a variety of areas such as community design, energy efficiency, water-use efficiency, resource conservation and indoor environmental air quality.

Design Well, Live Simply and Celebrate Wellness

Each day we have an opportunity to live the life we want to live, to explore, learn and grow. Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, also known as LOHAS, is an ever expanding group – more of a demographic really – that individually and collectively makes choices in our growing world of accountability and impact.

Shovel Some Dirt at the Groundbreaking

We wanted to do something symbolic at our September 23rd groundbreaking ceremony that everyone could participate in. So here’s what we came up with…