About The Initiative

The Green & Main Vision and Mission: Creating Sustainable Communities One Building at a Time

The Green & Main initiative is guided by the visionaries of Silent Rivers Building Arts and Indigo Dawn

At its core, the Green & Main vision is about restoring, creating, and nurturing sustainable communities. Delivering on this vision, Green & Main’s mission is to lead the effort to renovate buildings and neighborhoods in ways that will decrease our carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency and promote better use of materials. And to create self-sustaining communities that thrive.

Ultimately, supporters and leaders of Green & Main will provide the community-at-large with learning opportunities to demonstrate the tangible benefits of creating sustainable communities and their positive impact on the environment. Just as important is the social and economic impact of revitalizing communities, transforming them into vibrant neighborhoods where people work, live, congregate and support local business.

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Our goal is to provide the information and education to increase the public’s understanding of why sustainable communities are so important to the ultimate survival of humanity. With this understanding, we believe stewardship and involvement will follow. There are opportunities for everyone in the community to lend support to initiatives such as Green & Main.

Through its efforts Green & Main will pave the way -– provide the pattern book — for sustainable communities to flourish in neighborhoods across the globe. We begin this endeavor with our Pilot Project, the renovation of a historic building in the Sherman Hill neighborhood of Des Moines, Iowa. Upon completion of the Pilot Project, our goal is to achieve a LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Our mission will be achieved with our team of experts, the Pilot Project completion, the support of sponsors and partners, and an extensive and consistent plan for ongoing education and advocacy.

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