A Marriage of PURPOSE

Cosette Boone is the Founder and Executive Director of Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center, which is the main tenant of the renovated building.


Chaden Halfhill and Cosette Boone at the Green & Main sustainable construction site where they are creating the future facility space for Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center.

“Can you see doing it without him?”

This is what Ying, my CPA, asked me from across her desk one day a few years back. Instantly, my gut responded.

“No”, I said, after a summer of looking for new birth center sites, with no luck.

“Then that’s your answer,” she replied.

I gazed over at Chaden and took a deep breath. It was the moment I knew I had to see this through with my husband. His building development, which was to house our new birth center at the corner of 800 19th Street, known to us as Green & Main, had run into major funding issues, temporarily halting further construction on the project.

It was the summer of 2012.

The funny thing about destiny, as I’ve come to learn, is that the timetable in one’s head is not usually correct.

There is a universal timetable that exists — beyond one’s control I believe — that encompasses a larger knowing that we cannot yet see or understand.

It is much like BIRTH.

Despite the elaborate birth plans we make, our journeys are unique and not revealed to us until we are living the moment. This is the surrender that we talk about with our clients as they approach their births. “You’ve got to let it go. You are not in control,” we tell them. Funny how I don’t usually listen to my own advice.

I’ll let you in on a little history of my husband and I.

Thirteen years ago, we came together in a marriage defined by LOVE & PURPOSE. We identified with marriage as a “celebration of human destiny”. Taken from Weddings From the Heart, by Daphne Kingma, our ceremony acknowledged that our…

“Union will have as one of its major commitments the willingness of the partners to search for, discover, and support one another as they step into the presence of what is theirs, truly, to do in this life. Couples who are drawn to this ceremony have a sense of destiny, indeed of urgency, about discovering who they are and what, in some ultimate sense, their lives are about.”


We were challenged to ask ourselves not only what we desire to receive from our union in support of our own destinies, but also to discover what it is the two of us, “in the particular and unique configuration of our marriage”, have been brought together to accomplish.

I believe it was that defining moment in my CPA’s office that I figured this one out.

So here we are, with our community surrounding us

…four years later, 2016, looking up at the corner of 800 19th Street and seeing it come together, closer than we have ever been to finishing, yet still faced with challenges, just as many developments and growing businesses encounter.

We are in what feels like TRANSITION of labor.

For those of you who have given birth, you know this moment well…

Transition is the point of no return when we are faced with all our fears, completely vulnerable, our souls splayed open to the universe, tears falling down our flushed cheeks, we fall to the floor and beg for relief, our minds cannot possibly grasp how to go forward, yet we know we cannot go back.


This is the moment as a midwife where I fall in love with the woman before me, over and over again, as I look into her eyes, knowing she is about to realize her true power.

Only this labor is not just me birthing our child, it is Chaden and I birthing a greater vision for humanity:

He to restore our relationship with our dwellings and the ecology in which they exist. She to empower women through a paradigm of care that HEALS while restoring to humanity, a safer, more sustainable birth practice. Both holding a burning, urgent, desire to push for change for the health of our planet and our future generations.


Hmmm, and you thought this article was just going to be about the new facility.


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