theHeart of the Project

Cosette Boone is the Founder and Executive Director of Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center, which is the main tenant of the renovated building.

Healing Passages Birth & Wellness Center will soon be located in the amazing sustainable building at 800 19th Street. There has been a whole lot of love and vision going into this birth center…

and we are eager to bring the community up to speed surrounding the design and purpose of the space as the project comes together day by day. Slated to open mid-summer, I will be posting weekly updates and photos of the space along with event dates being planned around the new Center’s grand opening.

We have so many mamas desiring birth center birth and anticipating the move this summer. I can only hope this blog will generate inspiration, excitement, hope and greater connection within our Willowsong community.


Let me begin with the very intentional tile layout of the Center’s front entrance


Many of you will recognize theHeart from our website’s main navigation. This was purposeful, and came together on a busy day when my husband, the developer of the site, called and said, ‘We need a word to go into the tile layout for the front entrance of your building and we need it today!’ Our team went into brainstorming mode with our architect Teddy (Teodora Shtinareva) from Silent Rivers Design+Build. Through the synergistic flow of ideas, much like that of a willow branch that bends and sways in the wind, we landed with theHeart.


“So why? What does it mean?”

Here is my reply:

~theHeart you ask, not understanding the front entrance, or why it even matters. Imagine as one walks through the front door ~ there is a moment of pause, perhaps a smile as the words are taken in and the reflection becomes apparent. One can imagine the artisan painstakingly placing the tiles by hand so that all who enter may be transformed. It is a moment in the exploration of the space, the space through which many will pass to heal, to learn, to grow, to connect. You see, beautiful creations come from the soul. theHeart is the “driver for the soul, which means if your heart isn’t in it, it’s going to be lackluster and flat”. theHeart is the energy that is created as great people with great intentions come together. Fear and anger and negativity close down theHeart. We learn to trust and love and believe from theHeart space. We at Willowsong are led to this work by our hearts. It is our soul’s purpose, which means we cannot run from it. It lifts us up and breaks us down and brings us to our knees on a daily basis.


Journey with us…allowing your heart to open to what is possible; for this is where all healing begins.

We would not be where we are today without you, the women and families we serve. You are theHeart of our vision at Healing Passages and the core of our team’s work at Willowsong. “But it’s not easy!” you say. “No, it’s not. Name one thing worth achieving that is easy”. To push beyond the grain, you have to trust from theHeart, as you are going places few have the courage to enter. But this is how we change the world ~ have an impact ~ leave our mark.

And it all comes ~ from theHeart.


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