Archives for December 2010

Connecting Community During the Holiday Season

During the holidays, eco-minded individuals may find themselves overwhelmed with the environmentally wasteful customs of the season. Recapture the magic by creating new traditions that make meaningful connections for you, your family, and friends.

New Website for Green & Main

While 800 19th Street is starting its face lift, so is another aspect of the Green & Main Pilot Project. The Green & Main website,, received an extreme overhaul in both content and graphics in the fall of 2010.

Sustainable Thought Leader: Suzet Nelson

One of the goals of the Green & Main Pilot Project is to increase discussion about how we can live more sustainably, not only in our business practices but also in our community. To highlight members of the Des Moines’ sustainability community, the Green & Main Team has asked sustainability experts from across various disciplines to share their thoughts.