Archives for September 2010

A Message about How the Pilot Project Supports Women

Chaden Halfhill had a grand vision to create a building that lived and breathed as one with nature. One that the human spirit and physical body could find peace and comfort within its walls. It is a lofty dream for the building industry and the first of its kind in Des Moines. In this building, he envisioned a healing, holistic women’s health center.

Our Pilot Project Scores Some Illustrations by Scavo Students

If you have a chance to drive by the Green & Main Pilot Project, you should! And not just to see the building at 800 19th Street. You should see the current display of impressive 3’ x 5’ art murals created by students of Scavo Alternative High School.

Shovel Some Dirt at the Groundbreaking

We wanted to do something symbolic at our September 23rd groundbreaking ceremony that everyone could participate in. So here’s what we came up with…